ISB Technologies offers custom-built online booking engines that are developed around the specific needs of businesses and designed to integrate seamlessly with existing back-office systems.

More and more customers are turning online to interact with the companies and brands they’re interested in.

For organisations offering customers the opportunity to book online for their services, such as hotel rooms, participation at events, and leisure or educational activities, having a robust online booking system is an essential requirement.

online appointment system

Online booking engines developed by ISB Technologies can be implemented in a wide variety of business contexts, including:

  • Event ticketing systems – Give fans or visitors the chance to get a front row seat to sports, musical and other cultural events.
  • Hotel room booking – From browsing pictures on the online gallery to picking the room of their dreams, hotel guests look for a convenient service even before packing their bags
  • Course bookings – Open the doors of online and offline classes to students everywhere.
  • School agency bookings – Managing school trips becomes easier with integrated availability tracking and payment tools.

The ISB Technologies development team offers organisations a scalable online booking solution that can adapt to seasonality changes in traffic, and provides a convenient and timely service to their customers every time they log in.

Some of the features of online booking engines made by ISB Technologies include:

  • Integration with different payment gateways and payment methods;
  • Ability to track the availability of various assets (e.g. seats, rooms, etc.);
  • Integration with mobile gateway for SMS confirmation of identity;
  • Part payment management;
  • Seasonal price management.


All our software solutions are developed based on the best software engineering principles and using cutting-edge technologies. This means that we can guarantee that your organisation runs a secure system that does not compromise your business’ data. Furthermore, being web-based, all our solutions can be made accessible to anyone within your business who needs access, no matter where they are around the world. Last but not least, our solutions are loved by our clients as they can all scale according to your business needs. As your business grows and processes possibly change, so can our solutions to ensure they adapt to your ever changing requirements.

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