Motion – Freight Management

We congratulate you on finally finding a software company that truly understands your freight and forwarding business needs in their entirety. Our solutions team has dedicated thousands of man hours in research and development to understand not only the processes but also the frustrations of cargo companies. The result of this is an end-to-end solution for your business processes, starting from leads and opportunity management, issuing of quotations, automated conversions into bookings, up to the entire freight management process including local deliveries for groupage cargo.

Motion is ISB Technologies’ freight management software solution that brings all the processes of the freight business into one seamless solution, where all your staff can collaborate on the same system, using the same data, avoiding data duplication, headaches and data inconsistency.

With Motion, your members of staff will be able to:

  • Manage contacts, leads and sales opportunities
  • Issue of quotations, based on volume, weight, full trailer loads and groupage cargo consignment.
  • Manage principles and agents
  • Manage voyages and their manifests
  • Automatically generate all documents necessary such as Notice of Arrival, Gatepass out, cargo receipt, etc.
  • Automatic integration with the Malta Customs Department
  • Process, plan and schedule local deliveries of groupage consignments
  • Automatic notifications of delivery to customers.
  • Optionally equip your delivery team with an entry-level tablet to have customers sign delivery confirmations.

Furthermore, senior management will be able to instantly report on any of these processes, including real-time sales information and statistics, both globally and by employee.

Motion is a web-based solution meaning you do not need to invest in expensive on-premise infrastructure, while ensuring that your system is available on demand to whoever has authorisation, from wherever they may be.

We invite you to contact us to learn more on why freight companies are shifting to our web-based, reliable and affordable solution to run their business.


All our software solutions are developed based on the best software engineering principles and using cutting-edge technologies. This means that we can guarantee that your organisation runs a secure system that does not compromise your business’ data. Furthermore, being web-based, all our solutions can be made accessible to anyone within your business who needs access, no matter where they are around the world. Last but not least, our solutions are loved by our clients as they can all scale according to your business needs. As your business grows and processes possibly change, so can our solutions to ensure they adapt to your ever changing requirements.

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