3CX VoIP IPBX Partner Malta

We believe that strength comes in numbers, but we are also very much aware that to be exceptional, one needs to operate with trust. With this foremost in mind, ISB Technologies have partnered with 3CX, an international VoIP IPBX solution provider, who have won the internationally acclaimed trust and renown through their portfolio of established and dependable telephony services, which go beyond the norm and aim to serve businesses efficiently well into the future.

The power of 3CX.

3CX operates an open-platform, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system which connects directly over an Internet Protocol telephony (IP) system using a Local Area Network (LAN), as opposed to traditional phones which operate over telephone networks comprising of traditional copper wiring. The VoIP telephone gives users the opportunity of making phone calls to devices such as mobile devices and/or landlines through a software-based softphone or a hardware device.

What makes our partnership unique?

With on-Premise or In the Cloud systems, ISB Technologies together with 3CX promise full control over the acquired structure, by using an existing server or self-host using popular and established cloud providers such as Google, Azure and Amazon.

With the constant evolution of telephony, and the ever-pressing demands for more efficient systems, 3CX recognizes that any communication system needs to incorporate features which, though advanced, are becoming exceedingly more of a staple need for today’s business communication needs, such as conference calling, call handling and voicemail, amongst others. ISB Technologies’ partnership with 3CX has brought to light another effective solution for the connection needs to the contemporary business world here in Malta.

If the choice is to setup in the cloud using express Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Express tool or the provided wizard for fast on-premise installation, it is always financially viable to opt for 3CX.

With availability on both iOS and Android devices as a softphone service, or on hard phones, which look very similar to tradition analog phones, yet offer a wider, more effective variety of functionalities, the choice always boils down to a partnership which has been planned and setup for the primary aim of reducing costs in a considerable way for customers, while ensuring faster, more effective and advanced services which ensure that business are well versed and efficiently prepare to tackle future needs.

It is with absolute pride that we at ISB Technologies have placed ourselves side-by-side with the likes of 3CX, ensuring that we continue aiming to provide the best services that any business can commit to. Feel free to contact us for a deeper and detailed explanation of this partnership and how such a commitment will enhance your business telephony operations for a better-connected future.


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