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EPIC Agent CRM, is a comprehensive estate agent software solution designed by understanding agents’ needs and fully developed ISB Technologies. The platform is developed with the aim of fulfilling the most pressing and universal requirements of property negotiators, such as: provide advanced property search facilities, intelligent client-property match-making facilities, as well as manage the entire customer journey through a state-of-the-art, integrated CRM module.

EPIC Agent CRM is is used and loved by agencies of all sizes, from individual brokers, to multi-branch, franchising real estate agencies.

As a web-based solution, EPIC Agent CRM offers real estate agencies the possibility of using it either as a stand-alone platform for their activities, or else integrated with their brand website to enhance the sale of properties online through real-time capabilities.  EPIC Agent CRM also proudly integrates with multiple property portals such as RightMove and Zoopla.

Moreover, the system also allows administrators to easily set and manage access to the data stored within it by assigning different levels of authorisation to individual agents according to their role or username, thus limiting access to sensitive data to devices located at the company’s offices only or those used by managers.  We take the security of your data very seriously.  Senior Management can be assured of a high level of protection where it comes to their real estate data as our team will can customise the system according to the company’s security needs and afford owners full control over stored information.

As a fully-featured cloud-based platform, EPIC Agent CRM reduces the complexity of running a property business and allows real estate professionals to focus on what matters most: selling property fast.

Among the wide range of features available on EPIC Agent CRM, the most popular include:

  • Agent Calendar Synchronisation
  • Agent Performance & KPI Tracking
  • Quick Open-text Search & Advanced Search
  • Choose your preferred results view between list view and gridview.
  • Easily print property sheets for different purposes (with different details) including Window display posters, negotiator’s property sheet and also property brochure for client distribution
  • Track & locate property keys with ease
  • Easy property listings management
  • Easily duplicate listings for similar properties.
  • Create & Edit Property Details Approval Workflow
  • Property image & video galleries.
  • Handles residential and commercial sales and letting processes.
  • Manage your own look-up data, such as categories, amenities, regions, etc.
  • System automatically identifies and suggests relevant properties for your clients as well as instantly suggests clients for your newly listed properties.
  • Integrate with your website and any other property portal – Sell Property Online & Fast!
  • Choose which property images are displayed on your website and in the order preferred
  • Easily send property information to interested potential clients via email
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Track B2B & B2C customers.
  • Customer Opportunity Tracking
  • Customer Communication Log
  • Follow-up and task tracking
  • Manage property viewings with your customers
  • Easily keep note of properties that customer is not interested in.
  • Send SMSs and appointment reminders to your client
  • Track integrated Mailchimp campaigns
  • Advanced reporting
  • Secure Data Audit reporting

Can I migrate My Data?

We understand that odds are you already have your own set of properties and clients on your current system. This may be on an old system or simply on an Excel file. We also understand that this is the heart of your business and we want to make it easy for you to shift your business quickly to EPIC Agent CRM and continue using your existing data from the very first day that you log in. Our experienced team of experts have seamlessly migrated data from dozens of legacy systems with data ranging from a few hundred records to tens of thousands of properties. We will make this sensitive process look like a breeze!


All our software solutions are developed based on the best software engineering principles and using cutting-edge technologies. This means that we can guarantee that your organisation runs a secure system that does not compromise your business’ data. Furthermore, being web-based, all our solutions can be made accessible to anyone within your business who needs access, no matter where they are around the world. Last but not least, our solutions are loved by our clients as they can all scale according to your business needs. As your business grows and processes possibly change, so can our solutions to ensure they adapt to your ever changing requirements.

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