Finally, here’s a CRM system designed with the small-to-medium sized businesses in mind! Potenza CRM is the result of years of research and development that has been carried out hand-in-hand with business owners, marketers and sales teams who have been desperately searching for a CRM system that does not over-promise, is not an overkill for their business, and does not cost an arm and a leg.

All businesses prospecting to grow their business and client base have a set of core requirements that they expect from their CRM system and Potenza is here to deliver that at the right price.

Track your customer journey from the very first moment you establish contact with your leads and follow through even after the deal is closed.  Segregate, tag and categorise your contacts with flexibility.  Create and track opportunities by assigning them to the adequate member of staff while setting up the necessary follow-up tasks.  Remember, the sale is in the follow-up, and nothing is as expensive as a lost opportunity!  Potenza CRM is designed to ensure that your sales team never misses an opportunity to convert a lead into a closed sale.

We understand however, that things are not always rosy and opportunities are sometimes lost.  In such events, Potenza tracks reasons that lead to such losses to help you report and understand better how to handle opportunities in the future.  Is your product/service too expensive? Is your team too slow to issue proposals or to follow-up?  Knowledge is power and with Potenza, this information is made available on demand.

potenza - customer relationship management

Key Features

  • 360° View Dashboard for Team Member
  • Contact Management & Advanced Search
  • Communication Log History
  • Agent Task Tracking
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Lead Follow-up
  • Centralised Messaging Centre
  • Attach and associate documents to contacts
  • Issue & Send Instant Quotations
  • Full Complaints Management Module
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Secure

Industries Applicable

Potenza is a generic CRM system intended to apply for most businesses in different industries.  It is designed to tackle the more common processes of mainstream business sectors and has been implemented by corporate service providers, technology companies, engineering firms, real estate organisations and shipping agencies among many others.

But How Will CRM Adapt to My Needs?

Potenza CRM and ISB Technologies have been acclaimed for the endless possibilities of customisations according to business needs.  Our team is eager to learn about your very specific processes and keen to configure Potenza CRM for your needs.  Just imagine – an off-the-shelf system that is tailored to your requirements.  Furthermore, Potenza CRM can be integrated with virtually any third-party solution to create that seamless data flow.  This can be between CRM and your accounting package, other marketing automation tools that you may be using or any other solution that needs to feed or consume data to and from Potenza.

Why Choose Potenza For Your Business?

Well, besides the fact that most-likely Potenza covers all or most of your needs out-of-the-box, you can be up and running on Potenza CRM in no time.  Furthermore, we have ensured a pricing model that is attractive for all size of business.  We employ a pay-as-you go model.  If you decide to stop using Potenza, you stop paying – no risk attached!  We are confident that once you start tracking those leads and converting those opportunities, you wouldn’t want to look elsewhere.

Can I migrate my existing client list?

Yes.  Migrating your contact list and existing opportunities from CSV, Excel files or most other formats is easy and our tech team is eager to help you import your data and have you up and running on Potenza CRM.


The system is designed to be used without any prior training, and if necessary, training can be given on demand.  Nonetheless, you may have questions as you go along.  This is perfectly fine and we understand.  It is for this reason that we have put together a team of dedicated, helpful, approachable, and responsive Potenza gurus who are ready to help and answer your questions at any time within office hours.

As a registered Potenza user, you will have a direct channel to our support team.  We’ve been rated first class for this service!

Speak to a CRM expert today, to discover how Potenza can revolutionise your sales and marketing processes within your business!


All our software solutions are developed based on the best software engineering principles and using cutting-edge technologies. This means that we can guarantee that your organisation runs a secure system that does not compromise your business’ data. Furthermore, being web-based, all our solutions can be made accessible to anyone within your business who needs access, no matter where they are around the world. Last but not least, our solutions are loved by our clients as they can all scale according to your business needs. As your business grows and processes possibly change, so can our solutions to ensure they adapt to your ever changing requirements.

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